Site Reconnaissance in Wrigley

Oliver, Karoline and Manuel went to the Northwest Territories to visit the location for the new micrometeorological tower in the Smith Creek watershed close to the small town of Wrigley. The tower structure will be installed in spring 2015 and a ground inspection was important to gain more information about the soil conditions at the new site. At the Smith Creek site, situated between the Franklin Mountains and the Mackenzie River, we found mineral soil below ca. 1 m of peat deposits, whereas the peat thickness at our Scotty Creek site, ca. 300 km further down south, ranges between 3 and 5 m. Karoline and Manuel will now move on to the Scotty Creek site to winterize the measurement stations and to install a new gas analyser, which will be used to assess the performance of our current sensor during the winter period.

Photo (above): Karoline Wischnewski


Franklin Mountains / Photo: Manuel Helbig

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