Taiga Plains ecozone near Pedzéh Kı̨́, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Eddy covariance tower at the Smith Creek research site near Pedzéh Kı̨́, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Welcome to Atmosbios

Atmospheric biogeosciences in high latitudes


Our group, led by Dr. Oliver Sonnentag, is based at the Université de Montréal in the Département de géographie. Using a range of approaches from various disciplines including biometeorology, hydrology, ecology, terrestrial ecosystem modelling and remote sensing, we aim to provide improved process-based understanding of how rapidly changing boreal forest, peatland and tundra ecosystems function as an integral part of the climate system.

Our Regional Focus

The Taiga Plains ecozone covering the northern portions of Alberta and British Columbia and the western portion of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Our Interests

High-latitude land surface - atmosphere interactions under the influence of rapidly changing climate and permafrost conditions.

Our Methodologies

Eddy covariance and supporting measurements, plant hydraulics measurements (e.g., sap flux, stem diameter variation, stem water content), terrestrial ecosystem modelling (e.g., CLASSIC, the terrestrial ecosystem model used in Environment and Climate Change Canada's family of Earth system models), remote sensing (e.g., L-band radiometry).

Our research group is recruiting postdocs and students at all levels
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