Science Communication


Our lab members have been engaged in many science communications efforts. Most of these will be posted on our Twitter and some select efforts are listed below.

2021 – NSERC Permafrostnet video by Charles Gauthier on the CLASSIC model

2020 – Acfas Magazine article on Nia Perrron’s PhD research

2020 – Udem Nouvelles article on Carolina Voigt’s articles on N2O fluxes

2020 – UQTR article on Alex Mavrovic’s experience on the MOSAiC Expedition

2020 – Climate Science for the People teach-in co-hosted by out lab members with Jen Gobby, Damon Matthwer’s lab, and Julie Talbot’s lab.

2020 – Radio Canada photo contest by Nia Perron and Pénélope Germain Chartrand

2020 – Eco Magazine article by Carolina Voigt and Maija Marushchak.

2017 – Ameriflux blog post by Manuel Helbig.

2016 – Young Scientist Profile of Manuel Helbig on the FLUXNET website.