Science Communication


Our lab members have been engaged in many science communications efforts. Most of these will be posted on our Twitter and youtube. Some select efforts are listed below.

2022 – Science Borealis article by Rose Lefebvre

2022 – Géolibre, the UdeM geography students publication, article by Mariam El-Amine and Nia Perron

2021 – NSERC Permafrostnet video by Charles Gauthier on the CLASSIC model

2020 – Acfas Magazine article on Nia Perrron’s PhD research

2020 – Udem Nouvelles article on Carolina Voigt’s articles on N2O fluxes

2020 – UQTR article on Alex Mavrovic’s experience on the MOSAiC Expedition

2020 – Climate Science for the People teach-in co-hosted by out lab members with Jen Gobby, Damon Matthwer’s lab, and Julie Talbot’s lab.

2020 – Radio Canada photo contest by Nia Perron and Pénélope Germain Chartrand

2020 – Eco Magazine article by Carolina Voigt and Maija Marushchak.

2017 – Ameriflux blog post by Manuel Helbig.

2016 – Young Scientist Profile of Manuel Helbig on the FLUXNET website.