Nia Perron

PhD Candidate

  • 2017, MSc. (Environment & Natural Resources, Specialization: Environmental Mgmt., Science and Policy), University of Iceland - Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 2014, BSc. (Honours Environmental Science, Specialization: Forest Ecology), University of Winnipeg - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Trees and water, that is the focus of my PhD work with the AtmosBios Lab. I (she/her) fell in love with research early in my academic career when I was working in boggy forests as an honours student in Forest Ecology at the University of Winnipeg. This desire to learn continued even as sheep devoured the plants I attempted to study as part of my Master’s of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Iceland. My passion continues to grow in my role as a PhD candidate supervised by Oliver Sonnentag and Jennifer Baltzer (Forest Ecology Research Group, Wilfrid Laurier University).
I am currently interested in understanding terrestrial plant physiology across the western boreal forest. My research is focused on the role of boreal tree species in the movement of water from the soil to the atmosphere through transpiration. Working at sites from southern treeline to northern treeline, I am using sap flow, dendrometers, and micrometeorological data to monitor boreal tree use of water and answer questions related to water flux dynamics.


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