Christopher Schulze

PhD Candidate

  • 2017, M.Sc. (Environmental Planning and Engineer Ecology), Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany
  • 2014, B.Sc. (Forestry and Resource Management), Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany

As a PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta, I am co-supervised by David Olefeldt and Oliver Sonnentag. I study the greenhouse gas balance of boreal peatlands of the Taiga Plains, to determine what the main influences of warming, wildfire and permafrost thaw are in this ecozone. Thus, my research sites are situated in the Northwest Territories and Northern Alberta, where I measure greenhouse gas fluxes on different spatial scales. On the plot level, I investigate the effects of thermokarst and wildfire on peatland nitrous oxide and methane emissions applying the static chamber technique. On the landscape scale, I analyze eddy covariance data from Scotty Creek and Smith Creek to quantify the impact of warming on the carbon dioxide balance of intact permafrost peat plateaus. In recently burned peatland complexes close to Steen River, I established two more eddy covariance systems in 2020. Upscaling all my field results using GIS software will help me to predict future changes in net radiative forcing on an ecozone scale.

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