ICOS Workshop & Conference

Manuel participated in a carbon workshop organised by the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) and the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) in southern France. ICOS is a European funded project that focusses on the observation of carbon fluxes and concentrations across different spatial scales including ecosystem and atmospheric measurements. NEON is a US project building an infrastructure of ecosystem observation sites across the United States. The workshop embraced a wide range of emerging topics in atmospheric and ecosystem science and provided insights in the use of “big data”. ICOS and NEON will make all their datasets freely available to the public, which creates new opportunities for scientists to approach global carbon cycle questions.

Following the workshop, he visited the group of Prof. Lars Kutzbach at the Universitaet Hamburg for one week. Lars’ group possesses a long-term experience in flux measurements of arctic ecosystems. During his visit, he gave a talk on the challenges of eddy covariance measurements in heterogeneous boreal ecosystems. Together with the PhD students of Lars’ group, he worked on the application of footprint analyses to eddy covariance flux measurements and on the post-processing of flux data from arctic sites.

In Brussels, he participated in the 1st ICOS International Science Conference on Greenhouse Gases and Biogeochemical Cycles. The participants of the conference were specialists in the fields of atmospheric sciences, urban ecology, marine sciences, and ecosystem sciences. Manuel presented the lab’s current research efforts on Monitoring Carbon, Water and Heat Fluxes in Northwestern Canada under the Influence of Changing Land Cover and Permafrost Conditions.

Photo: Laura Dobor

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