Mariam El-Amine

M.Sc. Student

  • 2017, B.Sc. (Physics), Université de Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke, Québec

As my undergraduate studies in physics were coming to an end, I (she/her) decided to complete an internship in remote sensing in central Saskatchewan. I worked on a project aiming to characterize the vegetation’s transmissivity and albedo in a southern boreal stand in order to disentangle the radiometric signal coming from both the soil and the vegetation. I then decided that environmental geography was more my cup of tea than physics and completed an introductory research course with both Oliver Sonnentag and Alexandre Roy, working on the start and end of the carbon uptake period in the same boreal stand in central Saskatchewan.

My master’s research focuses on the environmental factors controlling the start and end of photosynthesis across the North American boreal forest with an aim of shedding light on the differences between permafrost and permafrost-free regions.

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