Gabriel Hould Gosselin

Research Associate

  • 2014, M.Sc. (Hydrological Modeling), University of Quebec INRS - Quebec, Quebec
  • 2011, B.End. (Water Engineering), Laval University - Quebec, Quebec

The primary focus of my work is to design, install and maintain eddy covariance and micrometeorological instrumentation, prepare and analyse data, as well as to support or supervise students and activities at six sites on a latitudinal gradient across the NWT and northern BC. I specialize in calculating water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane fluxes at a landscape scale using the eddy covariance technique. These datasets are imperative to provide better process-based understanding of how boreal forest, peatland and tundra ecosystems under the influence of rapidly thawing permafrost influence our climate. From fieldwork to modelling, I am privileged to have a hand in most projects within our lab group, and to work with a dynamic and passionate team!

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