Emma Riley

Research Professional

  • 2019, Research Assistant (Department of Geography and Planning ), Queen's University
  • 2018, M.Sc. (Physical Geography, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies), Carleton University
  • 2016, B.Sc. (Integrated Sciences with a minor in Chemistry and a minor in Earth Sciences), Carleton University

I (she/her) am a graduate of Carleton University (MSc, BHSc), where I studied methane fluxes from an Arctic wet sedge meadow using eddy covariance and closed chamber techniques. I am interested in the exchange of greenhouse gases fluxes between plants, soil, water and the atmosphere, and the many evolving processes that drive these fluxes.

In the AtmosBios lab, I am working on the Future Skills Centre project “Climate Change monitoring in NWT” led by Dr. Oliver Sonnentag (Université de Montréal). This project aims to start community-based monitoring of micrometeorological towers across NWT, during a time where travel and the ability to service these towers has been challenging. I intend to use my academic and professional background and personal experiences to collaborate, engage and connect with the community members interested in this program.

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