Equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization


Starting in October 2020, the lab formed a discussion group that meets regularly to talk about equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization. Our group is committed to making the lab inclusive to diverse perspectives and experiences, to continue our learning about decolonization, and to implement decolonial practices in our science. Here are some resources we have engaged with to guide us. We encourage anyone interested in working with the group to have a look through:


Inclusive Teaching course by the University of British Columbia

Towards Reconciliation: 10 Calls to Action for natural scientists working in Canada by Wong et al

Native Land maps and The Land you Live on associated education guide

10 Simple Rules for Building an Anit-Racist Lab by Chaudhary et al

Webinar préperatroire pour le Forum National sur la Réconciliation 2021

Taimani – At That Time: Inuvialuit Timeline Visual Guide

All Ages, All Voices – or Azhǫ Gots’ęndeh, Dánét’ée Goghae Azhǫ in Dene Zhatie podcast

Ten Steps to Protect BIPOC Scholars in the Field by Anadu et al

The Earth Sciences has a Whiteness Problem by Emma Goldberg

Picture a Scientist movie

Resources List by Sci Comm Collective